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How Adore Me Audited Its Payments to Drive a 15 Points Auth Rate Increase

by Matthieu Couet on

Adore Me is a disruptive e-commerce startup revolutionizing the lingerie industry by creating fast-fashion and inclusive intimate apparel. Adore Me has several business models, ranging from e-commerce selling to subscription-based models.

Adore Me Website screen

Roxana Gulea is in charge of Customer Engagement & Fraud Prevention at Adore Me. With her insights, we dive into the audit she did of Adore Me’s payments with Telescope by ProcessOut.

Telescope by ProcessOut

Overview of Telescope’s dashboards (random data).

Telescope is a product developed by ProcessOut helping merchants audit and benchmark their payment performance without any technical integration. On Telescope, you can easily see where your authorization rate and fees stand and compare them to those of similar businesses. The Telescope Diagnostic features analyze bad authorization patterns to show what transactions can be optimized and how.

Roxana Gulea talking about Telescope by ProcessOut

We started to dig with Roxana into the world of declines, what they mean and what we can do about them. The priority for Adore Me was to improve its reputation with issuing banks, to drive better performance from its payment processor and acquirers.

On Telescope, Roxana identified 3 key actions to put in place in the short term

  • Send more information with Adore Me transactions to processor and acquirers
  • Decrease the number of monthly retries on failed payments from 5 to 3
  • Exclude some cards that had a certain decline message (incorrect number, stolen cards)

And this strategy already had a tremendous return on investment!

“After these adjustments and optimizations we made, we started to see a month-by-month drop of our decline rate. In 6 months, our global authorization rate went up by 15 points.” — Roxana Gulea, Customer Engagement & Fraud Prevention Manager at Adore Me.

Great products must come with great support

At ProcessOut, we stand on the merchant’s side. We want to be the closest partner of payment teams to help them to get the best from their providers. It means a lot to us and we believe that great products must come with great support to deliver the best service at the end of the day.

“On top of the great technology ProcessOut provides, the support provided by the team and the founders has been amazing and definitely a key success factor for the project.” — Roxana Gulea, Customer Engagement & Fraud Prevention Manager at Adore Me.

If you are wondering how you could optimize your authorization rate and fees, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], or to create a Telescope account directly - we will be more than happy to help!