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The e-Commerce & Payment conferences you should attend by the end of 2019

by Matthieu Couet on

World-class conferences are good places to network with industry peers, maintain relationships with current and potential clients and partners, and stay ahead of industry trends and innovations.

We made for you this—non-exhaustive—list of payment & e-commerce events you should attend by the end of the year.

CPI Global Summit

When: 17 – 18 September
Where: New York City

Focused on the trends of fintech and the payment industry, CPI Global Summit brings together payment professionals to exchange ideas, discuss common issues about technical, regulatory and business trends.

Global Fraud Prevention - IATA

When: 23 – 24 September
Where: Miami

The IATA Global Fraud Prevention Event aims to tackle fraud from all directions: law enforcement, global trends of the fraud prevention industry, payment projects… Some global airlines, travel agents, OTAs, card schemes and payment service providers will be part of the debate.

Paris Retail Week

When: 24 – 26 September
Where: Paris

The Paris Retail Week gathers the French and European retail ecosystem. French retailers meet supply chain, payment, CRM and marketing solution providers. 600 companies are expected for the 2019 edition.


When: 2 – 3 October
Where: Copenhagen

“The Event for Scandinavian eCommerce and Multi-Channel Retail Innovators’’. One of the flagship events for the Scandinavian online merchants and solution providers with lots of roundtables, workshops, conferences and networking sessions proposed and some of the top retailers represented.


When: 8 – 9 October
Where: London

PayExpo aims to bring together experts representing major suppliers in the industry to discuss hot topics. Note that the event is free for gaming operators, retail banks, startups, investors, selected retailers and merchants.

Emerce Retail Europe

When: 9 October
Where: Amsterdam

For the 6th edition, Emerce Retail Europe proposes a great panel of speakers from some of the biggest online merchants. Among the subjects discussed in the conferences: zero-friction user experience, omnichannel retail, the eBusiness culture…

Asia Global Payment Summit

When: 10 October
Where: Bali, Indonesia

Asia Global Payment Summit (GPS) aims to cover the topics of regulatory challenges in the emerging markets, digital financial inclusion, cross-border payments, fintech regulations… Payment experts and practitioners will think about the upcoming challenges and opportunities of the payment and transaction industry.

Revenue Optimization & Growth Summit

When: 27 November
Where: Amsterdam

Focused on revenue optimization in the hotel, airlines and OTAs industries, the “Revenue Optimization & Growth Summit” is organized by EyeforTravel.



When: 27–30 October
Where: Las Vegas



When: 4–6 December
Where: Hangzhou, China

Money20/20 organizes some of the biggest events of the retail, fintech, payment and financial services industries all around the world. 3 days of networking with many stakeholders of these industries. In 2017, Money 2020 announced to have more than 11500 people attending, representing over 3400 companies from 100 countries.